Changes to the upper lip

Changes to the upper lip
With age, the upper lip extends, becomes slimmer, recedes, atrophies, wrinkles and has a tendency to hide the teeth. One only has to compare the photographs of well-known figures with photos taken in their youth. The lengthening of the upper lip is clear. The teeth are increasingly covered.

The upper lip may be so short that it reveals the teeth at rest, which can add a certain charm. Operating on the mucus membrane without looking first at the sub-nasal area is a counter-productive tactic because that is not where the problem comes from. By inflating a long lip one is only making the situation worse.

Kill two birds with one stone
What the cosmetic surgeon can do however is sort out this little problem whilst the patient is undergoing a facelift under general anaesthetic.
But the operation can just as easily be done under local anaesthetic. The result of what is a very minor operation can be useful:
We can see the effect produced by the shortening of the sub-nasal area; the fleshy part, after the operation, is more raised, whereas before, it tended to look at the ground, making it appear “sad”.  It “speaks” directly to the person, making it not only look fresher, but also more evident.
This minor surgery makes the mouth look more attractive, without there being a need to resort to injections, even if lips which are too thin do in some cases need them.
It gives a beautiful arrangement to the teeth leaving a mouth and a smile which look more sexy.

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